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We combine passion, experience and knowledge in the field of fruit growing. We provide comprehensive services for the horticulture industry. We specialise in the installation of anti-hail structures. Our work is based mainly on elements of Italian production. Each product we offer is of the highest quality. We have our own stationary and online store where our customers can get the accessories necessary to manage their plantations.

We place great emphasis on the continuous expansion of our own and our customers’ knowledge. We work with world-renowned experts and experienced practitioners in the fields of fruit plantation and production (including soft fruits). We arrange training trips and knowledge workshops for our customers.

Our company works with major nurseries from Italy and the Netherlands, offering our customers the highest quality nursery material – modern varieties of apples, pears and cherries. We have our own experimental field where we can observe varietal differences and how a particular variety behaves in our climate.



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Dwa Jabłka
Grójecka 133, 05-660 Warka
NIP: 521-315-60-88
Dwa Jabłka Konstrukcje s.c.
Grójecka 133, 05-660 Warka
NIP: 797-205-27-03

Office opening hours: 08:00 – 16:00

Telephone: 48 332 05 40

Telephone: +48 505 229 459

E-mail: kontakt@dwajablka.pl

Contact in Polish and Russian: +48 600 363 924

Contact in Polish and German: +48 517 116 510

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