Our company offers complete hail protection systems. Since the beginning of our activity, we have focused on the highest quality of materials. Most of the components we use in our systems come from Italy.

As we know, hail protection systems have existed in that part of Europe for many years, which is why we are sure that they can last for a very long time in our country.

We tailor the orchard protection system to individual plantations and their conditions – location and climate. Depending on the concept of the net, we can install it in a fastener system, on bungee ropes, or using a zipper.

Not everyone is aware that anti-hail structures are used not only for protection against hail. A correctly installed scaffolding has much higher strength than traditional support scaffoldings utilised in orchards. They also make it possible to cultivate trees on the wires themselves, without having to use additional supports for each tree. When an entire plantation is enclosed with a net, in addition to protection against hail, it also provides protection against some pests, so the better the plantation cover is, the more problems go away. It should be noted that the installation of a hail protection system is a completely eco-friendly solution that does not have a negative impact on the ecosystem, hence the solutions we offer will probably become more popular over the years.

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