Gruber-Genetti Nursery

The Gruber Genetti Andreas Nursery was established in the town of Roverchiara (Verona) in Italy in 1988 and its area is about 220 hectares. With an annual production of about 2 million apple trees, they are able to deliver a large amount of trees to numerous customers in Italy and abroad. In addition to the nursery, they also have 20 hectares of apple orchards in South Tyrol and 10 hectares in Verona. Thanks to the experience they have gained in this field over the years, they are able to provide our customers not only with tress of best quality, but also knowledge about the production of the top-quality fruit.

Griba Nursery

The nursery was founded by four fruit growers from Gries / Bolzano. Hence the name GRIBA (GRIeser BAumschule). Today, GRIBA is located in the Po Valley, consists of 14 members and produces more than 2 million fruit trees a year. With optimal soil and the best climatic conditions, it is possible to grow young trees of the highest quality. GRIBA is working on its own new varieties and clones, resulting in development of Gala RedLum® RedVelox®, for example.

Nischler Nursery

The nursery was established in 1985. It is located in the Province of Verona. On an area of about 400 hectares, it achieves an annual production of 4 million seedlings. In addition to apple trees, the nursery offers cherry and apricot trees.

Top Plant Nursery

The nursery has been operating since 1989. It was found by Claudio Mazzon and the Morini brothers. The objective of the company was to provide local growers with the best possible planting material. Initially, the nursery was based solely on the production of apricot tree seedlings. Over the years, the range of products has increased and currently the nursery offers also seedlings of cherry, apple, pear, peach and plum trees. It specialises in the production of the highest quality cherries, including the Sweet series.

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