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To help you care for your plantations, we offer very stable horticultural structures, including complete anti-hail net systems. If required, we can also take care of the entire installation process, or supervise the implementation done on your own. We boast many years of experience collaborating with people who work with hail protection systems in the difficult conditions of South Tyrol. On our website you can find everything you need to ensure the safety of your plantation. Knowing the size of your plot is sufficient to prepare a complete offer.

Supporting scaffolds

Hail protection

Pest protection

Rain protection


Our range of products includes nursery material from leading Italian nurseries. We make every effort to make sure that the material you receive is of the best quality, meets all EU requirements and has the appropriate certificates and approvals. When you purchase nursery material, you also get annual consultancy, including fertiliser and care recommendations as well as protection. We offer modern varieties of apples, pears, cherries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries. Since we work with many nurseries, when the order date is right, we are able to meet all your expectations in terms of variety, root-stock and sort.

We are pleased to inform you that our range of products now includes GALA VILL nursery material. We are the only distributor of this variety in Poland!

The material comes from an Italian nursery, selected by Robert Vill in 2006, and is characterised by:

  • a dark solid red colour with lighter round lenticels
  • maturing a few days earlier than other varieties of Gala
  • and a very good adaptation to the climate of Poland.


About Nurseries

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We present a range of products necessary for organic farming

For plants
and soil


Limiting the effects of infestations by diseases

Limiting the effects of infestation by pests


Biodestructors and soil improvers


Leaf removal machine

OLMI leaf defoliation machine, of which we are the sole distributor in Poland.

The task of the device is to remove unnecessary leaves from the tree, which allows the light to penetrate better deep into the crown, significantly improving the color of the fruit.


Farmer’s Pantry

NEW IN THE OFFER – Farmer’s Pantry self-service stores!
We are pleased to announce that we have started cooperation with Control Systems, the producer of Farmer’s Pantry self-service stores.

Farmer’s Pantry self-service stores are a very convenient method of direct sale of fruit and vegetables from farms and any products.

Self-service stores:
– do not require personnel to operate
– reduce delivery costs
– they work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
– they eliminate the costs of intermediaries

Farmer’s Pantry self-service stores are devices that can be purchased with RDP co-financing.


Vineyards, Plantations

Experience and a wide range of our products allows us to offer custom solutions for every plantation.

We provide elements for managing vineyards, such as steel posts with special holes for guiding support wires, hoses, tie tapes, supporting benches, which can be effectively used in ornamental plant nurseries, as well as in many other places.

Structures based on pre-stressed concrete poles can be used to install shade screens or to protect against uncontrolled precipitation – all designed to take care of your crops.


Halls, Benches, Tunnels

We are proud to represent Terranova, a Sicilian leader in the field of steel structures, in Poland. The company has been designing and constructing steel structures for over 50 years. It has its own experimental facilities and plants, where the highest quality is ensured under the watchful eye of experts. The company holds its own patented systems, which provide safety and comfort of use. Their projects can be found all over the world: Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.
They have a wide range of steel structures tailored to the individual needs of customers. The company offers structures adapted to field crops (such as lettuce, strawberry), potted crops (garden centres, decorative plants, nurseries), and production on benches. Depending on the needs of a given crop, structures can be covered with foil, net or polycarbonate panels. If needed, it is possible to fully automate the facilities by using a climate control system.
Structures of this type are also used in the construction of light halls or canopies, necessary on every farm.


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Dwa Jabłka company

We combine passion, experience and knowledge in the field of fruit growing. We provide comprehensive services for the horticulture industry. We specialise in the installation of anti-hail structures. Our work is based mainly on elements of Italian production. Each product we offer is of the highest quality. We have our own stationary and online store where our customers can get the accessories necessary to manage their plantations.

We place great emphasis on the continuous expansion of our own and our customers’ knowledge. We work with world-renowned experts and experienced practitioners in the fields of fruit plantation and production (including soft fruits). We arrange training trips and knowledge workshops for our customers.

Our company works with major nurseries from Italy and the Netherlands, offering our customers the highest quality nursery material – modern varieties of apples, pears and cherries. We have our own experimental field where we can observe varietal differences and how a particular variety behaves in our climate.



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